Our Story

The ‘Mule’ behind our name and logo was inspired by the mules that have been bringing food and essential items to civilizations for centuries. The Mule represents a concept of simplicity and function; providing quality goods to consumers. Mule Extracts CBD is an artisanal Hemp Processor dedicated to preserving the authentic taste of our Oregon Grown Hemp. Our extraction process differentiates us from other CO2 extraction companies. Rather than use high temperatures and pressures to conduct the extraction process, we use a low temperature and low pressure. This process allows us to capture and preserve all the Cannabinoids, Essential Oils and Terpenes of our Hemp raw materials without destroying the flavor components. We continuously strive for “individuality” meaning we are always searching for new formulations and products to bring to market that will provide an incredibly unique experience.

The creative platform to produce a product and introduce a plethora of innovative ways for consumption and use has captured the attention of a broader consumer audience. At Mule Extracts, we see this as an opportunity to create awareness and educate the consumer on the quality of the product and brand being presented. What makes our processing approach unique is in the end result, we’ve created a product that embodies the characteristics and notes of the essential oils pulled from the Hemp plant. We are passionate about our product and believe one truly can ‘Feel the Difference’!