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Our Story

Mule Extracts CBD is a family-owned and operated in the beautiful state of Oregon. Our name comes from our work ethic: we work “like mules” to bring you delicious, high-quality hemp products focused on simplicity and functionality. We proudly create CBD products packed with authentic flavor and health benefits through full-spectrum CBD and the highest value per mg available.

Our CBD stands out because of our special CO2 extraction process. While many extraction companies use extreme temperatures and pressure to rapidly pull-out CBD, we do the exact opposite. Our slow, gentle process maximizes CBD extraction and preserves all the beneficial cannabinoids, essential oils, and terpenes.

Additionally, we use only the best hemp plants and cultivators to make our CBD products. Each plant is strain-specific and ethically sourced because we believe quality and sustainability are equally important.

We are always looking for new formulations and products that will provide a unique experience you can only find at Mule CBD. We are passionate about producing better products to help more people and creating awareness about CBD’s benefits. That’s why we believe that when you use Mule CBD, you will truly feel the difference and take the high road.

A Business Based on Values

At Mule CBD, we prioritize running our business ethically and morally while educating consumers about CBD.

·     We believe everyone should be able to access a high-quality product at an affordable price.

·     Every plant we use is strain-specific and locally sourced.

·     We choose only the highest-quality, sustainably-sourced flowers for our products.

·     Our extraction process is slow and gentle to maximize CBD extraction and flavor.

·     We are committed to raising awareness about CBD’s health benefits and expanding the ways people can use Full-Spectrum CBD.