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Take The High Road

Inspired by the mule that tirelessly performs with simplicity and function, the Mule CBD family is fully committed to tirelessly taking the high road in everything we do. This journey begins with a pledge to run our business ethically and morally by emphasizing sustainability best-practices and CBD education.

Taking the high road embodies our CBD philosophy.  We want people to understand how CBD can help them.  We want people to know which type of CBD to use and when. We want people to appreciate the care and effort we take in making and testing our product.  We want educated consumers as customers.  That is what we mean by taking the high road. 

As a family-owned, Oregon-based CO2 extraction company, we’re committed to staying true to the earth, true to the farm, true to the flower, and true to you. We’re on a mission to raise awareness about CBD’s all-natural health benefits and expand the way people, from gardeners to athletes, can use Full-Spectrum* CBD to live their best life.

Join us on our high road to growing the craft CBD community through business best-practices, consumer education, accessibility, and great-tasting, high-quality full-spectrum CBD products.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD

At Mule, we believe that CBD extract works better when it’s combined with hemp essential oils. Together, these two create a perfect marriage of health benefits and experience. That’s why our products all contain a fusion of CBD and oils, giving you the best benefits of both ingredients. We use only the finest, sustainably-sourced ingredients, allowing us to offer an affordable and high-quality product with the highest value per mg available on the market.

CBD: Simplified

If you’re new to CBD, you probably have a lot of questions about how it affects your body. First of all, CBD is not marijuana. While both products come from the same plant species (sativa),marijuana has a higher THC concentration, , a compound that produces the marijuana “high”..

CBD is a different, beneficial compound found in the plant that relieves discomfort, improves sleep and appetite, lowers stress and more. At Mule, we only take our CBD from hemp plants—not marijuana plants—because they contain more CBD and minimal THC, maximizing your health benefits. And the best way to acquire that CBD is through a CO2 extraction process like we use here at Mule.

CBD helps your body by interacting naturally with your endocannabinoid system**.Together, they balance important functions through the cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system glands, organs, immune system, and reproductive system, making you healthier and happier.

**The Endocannabinoid system (“ECS”) is a biochemical system in the human body that regulates the passage of messages from one nerve ending to the next.  The ECS controls mood, pain and everyday experiences.