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CBD 101


CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the two main chemical compounds harvested from the Sativa plant family. CBD is often mistakenly associated with marijuana use. However, good CBD is purposefully taken from hemp plants—not marijuana plants. Because of the source, CBD lacks the psychoactive effects of the other main chemical compound, THC, which is a primary component of marijuana.

CBD is commonly extracted as an oil to be used in many different products for your overall body health. The oils are directly linked to improvement in comfort, mood, sleep, appetite, stress-relief, and more!



CBD has such a positive effect on our bodies because we have a built-in cannabinoid system! This is called the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. CBD is often referred to as an "endogenous cannabinoid" because it's an external source.

Our ECSs are designed to create and receive cannabinoids throughout many of our primary systems, from appetite control to pain management and emotional responses. We naturally make two types of cannabinoids: CB1 and CB2. Each of these cannabinoids binds with a specific type of receptor to signal particular actions, such as calming down.

But when our body's cannabinoid production is slow, our systems become unbalanced and less effective. Taking CBD supplements can help because CBD's chemical structure is almost identical to our body's natural compounds.

Studies also show that cannabinoids provide antioxidant protection for our cells, tissues, and organ systems. Without supplements, our systems can become unbalanced, and we suffer through discomfort, intense emotions, and more. But CBD products easily step in to even out any deficiencies and keep all your systems running smoothly



CBD oil commonly comes in three different forms: Full-Spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. However, Full-Spectrum is the most beneficial form because of something known as the "entourage effect***."

The Hemp plant is full of beneficial chemical compounds and ingredients, from cannabinoids to terpenes and essential oils. Each compound contains specific health or experience-boosting properties that work best when they are all taken together. This increase in performance is known as the entourage effect.

That's why Mule uses a careful CO2 extraction process that not only brings out the CBD but also includes the other essential parts of the plant. This process also keeps the distinct taste of the hemp plant for an authentic experience.

***The entourage effect refers to the interaction of CBD’s cannabinoids and terpenes with the ESC.



The most potent form of CBD is CBD isolate. Unlike Full-Spectrum CBD, which includes all parts of the hemp plant, CBD isolate lacks anything but pure CBD.

To isolate the CBD, the oil is put through a filtering process after extraction that turns the oil into crystals. Then, the crystals are processed into a powder form that is pure CBD.

While CBD isolate does have health benefits, it does not get the boost from the entourage effect. Some people prefer this form; however, studies show that Full-Spectrum CBD oil is superior in both health benefits and effectiveness.



One of the most crucial plant components that Full-Spectrum CBD preserves is the terpenes. Terpenes give each strain of CBD a specific smell and flavor. For a premium CBD experience, you want to keep the terpenes in the mix. The scent and flavor add to your mental experience, while the chemical makeup of the terpenes also adds to the health benefits. Here are some important terpenes that you'll find in Full-Spectrum CBD oils:

  • Myrcene: One of the most abundant terpenes found in cannabis, myrcene works to promote a normal inflammatory response, as a muscle relaxer, and a sedative.
  • Limonene: This terpene works to relieve stress, boost your mood, and provide immune protection!
  • Linalool: Linalool has a wide range of beneficial properties, from promoting a healthy inflammatory response to boosting mood and reducing stress. Because of its mood stabilization effects, it has a wonderful calming effect for better relaxation and sleep.
  • Humulene: This particular terpene promotes a normal inflammation response and helps support appetite.